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This travel website provides you a wonderful experience by helping or assisting you to let your flight booking around the beautiful destinations. This will also make your hotel room booking with one of the finest and most exclusive collection. It is said that before going ahead to get the services it is advisable to read carefully all the clauses of the written “Terms and Conditions” understand and accept.

The sign of using the website will indicate your acceptance towards the terms and conditions which is mentioned. Booking of the hotel room, as well as the flight, are associated with the website and whatever the transaction takes place on FlyFye it will be authorized as a legal duty.

Applicability for such agreement

The terms and conditions whatever mentioned herein in this, “we”, “our”, and “us” will refer to the Flyfye and its partners: whereas, “you”, “their”, “any user” or “customer” will be considered to those, who use the travel website Flyfye to visit, compare the flight fares, flight booking, hotel room booking, and any extra hotel deals or travel discounts that display on a website.

General Disclaimer

The use of the website from your end indicates the interest that you show for our website. The fares which display on the website or travel portal are the result between the Travel Suppliers includes (flight, hotel) and the Flyfye. It also includes the fees which are chargeable for offering such services.

On your behalf, you are allowing the Flyfye website and its collaborating partners to make you avail the services with any of the travel suppliers through this website for the total amount that displayed the charges which are applicable and the fees if any.

This website shall not be held accountable for any error that appears on it. It acts as a self-regulating platform which has no control on the fare which gets change from the end of suppliers. Technically, we are not responsible for any kind of discrepancy in the fares from the end of suppliers and any customer if he is looking at the services related to journey through the website. Also, we are not liable if the external supplier is not able to provide the services at the price which you are looking or for any loss.

In a situation where a supplier fails to provide the post-confirmation services for the booking and you have made the payment then we are not held liable for any kind of refund. All such refund process is solely controllable from the end of user and not by us.

Apart from such Flyfye has no control over any amendment regarding fares of hotels, flights which are provided from the end of supplier and after the payment has been made and the customer's hands are still empty we are not liable for kind of such information.

The travel website Flyfye is not responsible for any accountability of the currency conversion fee which you might pay at the time of booking your flight for the international trip. You accept to pay the amount as per the native currency value which updates on a daily basis.

Once the tickets get issued and have been given to the customer from the end of the supplier, then we do not recommend cancellation for such booking as there are chances that due to any problem amount can be non-refundable.

Discounts or deals that usually a customer sees can be varied with the destination, flight, hotel, etc. Flyfye does not guarantee such fares which might be a result of promoting the other advertisers on the same website.

We suggest that you read the paragraph or section which is mentioned under the terms and condition given on the official travel website.

Privacy Policy

The travel agency Flyfye is dedicated to the privacy of its customers. Taking such we recommend you to fully understand the terms and conditions which are mentioned in the Privacy Policy of the company. We value and respect your time while reading such policies if you have any suggestions or any issues then you are free to contact us our travel expert team which are available 24*7 hrs.

Cookie Policy

When you land on the travel website Flyfye then there is an entire process. The website uses your information with the help of a cookie or via a third-party agency. In this process, the browsing history of the customer and the device from which it operates acquires the information for the personal records. The information which obtains will surely help in improving the browsing experience for the customer and also enhances the performance of the website. The company also uses few tools which help to locate the geographical location for such flight bookings.

Allowing Access for Personal Information

The travel website Flyfye ensures the personal information shared by its customers should remain safe and secure and will not get any kind of involvement from the end of the third party. The information will be shared with its parent company, additional companies and the project parties which require the details of the customer to make a travel booking successful.

Whatever the information collected by us is saved on SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It ensures that all of your online transactions and communications are safe and secure.

Personal Information

In this section, we will cover what are the further details which we want from the customer once he subscribes to Flyfye travel website. It will collect all the personal information like name, home address, email address, contact number, postal address, credit card, and debit card details so that formalities for the travel booking could complete and chances for the travel booking could increase.

There are many different ways to collect the personal details of a customer which include:

Usage of Website

Your visit, your subscription, usage, registration, and any kind of participation in this website indicate that:

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the process of the permanent cancellation from the end of the customer, Flyfye charges a processing fee for such a step. Though as per the terms and conditions the entire service fees and airline tickets are not refundable at any cost.

This travel website offers the facility of how to cancel the ticket over the phone. To cancel the tickets which booked by the travel expert team of FlyFye all things will flow in the process as per the given standards. Once the tickets booked and their status update under the “no show” category are not subject under refund policy from the actual suppliers. The passenger or customers who apply for the cancellation of such tickets and refund then we accept the refund request of such passenger. The airline's tickets are entitled to a refund if the airline policy allows the company to do such an action.

We protect the important documents from the airlines as to process the cancellation request as well as the refund.

In an organized manner, Flyfye greatly executes the refund request of customers but sometimes it is hard to handle so many requests at one time hence occurs a problem; so this travel agency does not provide or not able to predict the right timer and right date for the airline ticket refunds. To begin the process, a customer is then requested to forward such query to a customer service agent or helpline agent. After a short period, a customer will get the response of the mail regarding the confirmation of refund request. The response from the travel team is a mere message for the confirmation apart from this you are not directed for the compensation.

Once we received the request from the end of the customer we proceed further. Next move is to approach the prior airlines to get the difference amount which lies between the original price of the airline ticket and the replacement ticket which is not refunded as per the policy of the airline as we solely depend upon the airlines. A passenger will get the refunded amount if everything goes well.

Baggage Policy:

Before traveling to any of the city or country you should be aware of the bag options and all the travel stuff which you are taking along with you. It is a need of a person that depends on the type of journey he is going for, either it’s a small trip or long vacation just avoid carrying the heavy utensils as everything is available and most of the time traveler choose to eat the vendor food or street food so it is not very important that a passenger board the flights with so much heavy bags.

The big bag comes under the check-in baggage while handbags are the one that you carry with yourself. You can put a small label or a sticker so you could identify it at the time of collecting the bags at the airport. If in any case, you lose your bag then do not leave the terminal until you file a complaint regarding the lost item.

Check-in Baggage

Maximum airlines allow 2 luggages and free of charge for each passenger who is ready to fly with one carry-on bag and one checked item. Airports which allow international flights have the same rule for the baggage but depend upon the weight and the size of the bags. Also if your bags are not of good quality or you doubt that they might get open then tighten them with the rope. In general, total dimensions that are (length + height + width) of each checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches and weight of each bag must not exceed 23 kg or 50 pounds. However, the sizes may differ from airline to airline so it is better to check the dimensions before boarding the flight.

Hand Baggage

In this, a passenger can carry only one piece instead of two. Remember you should all the documents which are important as they would be needed at the time of immigration. Medicine, travel papers should be carried on board by the passenger.

Carry-on Luggage

It must fit as per the given standard size. Maximum carry-on dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Some airlines allow the big one but make sure that you have check all content before leaving the house.


They are allowed for one checked bag with total dimensions and not exceed 115 cm or 45 inches, an infant’s carry basket depends on the storage of space.


The instant you start using this website you agree that you can, in no way, lodge any claim against FlyFye or any of its subsidiaries or third party providers, agent, manager, employee etc. and fully agree that the site and its subsidiaries, affiliates, third party groups ad agents etc. shall be held responsible for:


If in the case of disputes between you or a service supplier or a product, including but not limited to, airlines and hotel tour operators, travel assist service providers and insurance providers, you release us, our partners and affiliates, agents etc from claims, damages, demands of any kind and nature, both known and unknown, that may rise out of the aforementioned disputes.

Prohibited Activites

By reading the terms and conditions you also agree that the travel service reservations and bookings will only be available for legitimate reasons. By abusing or overusing of such amenities of the site will result in you being prohibited to access such facilities anymore. This site is not to be used for commercial purposes and any content in this site must not be copied or used for any promotion through any kind of bots or unauthorized means or manually without our consent or written permission. You will also not conduct any infringements or sell or offer for sale any portion of the site to any third parties.

Usage of any kind of software or device that interferes with the normal performance of the site is illegal and prohibited. Introduction of any kind of virus, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other malicious materials should not be carried out. You must not perform any illegal or unauthorized access to this site, or the server, database connected to the site or computer. You must not hamper to attack the site through any means of denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. We will not be held liable for any loss or damaged caused by such attacks, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may cause harm to your computer, programs, data etc. due to your use of the site, or due to downloading of any material posted on it or nay website linked to it.

If it comes to our notice that you have conducted such illegal activities then we will terminate your account without any notice.

Booking Process

To get through with a booking we undertake these following steps to ensure its validity.

The moment we place Service Elements (a single product or service listed that can be booked independently), we are inviting you to place your offers to purchase them. But it will not be carried out fully unless you press the ‘book’ option on the payment page. And the moment you click on ‘book’ you have given FlyFye the authority to purchase the Service Element from the Travel Supplier (a seller of one or more Service Element). We are authorized to accept or reject your offer on behalf of the Travel Supplier at our sole discretion.

The email confirmation that you will receive from FlyFye after that purchase is not the contractual acceptance of the Booking (a negotiation with the Travel Supplier that is carried out by you while using the site to obtain one or more Service Elements that may result in a contract with the Travel Supplier at the time we receive full payment and accept your offer), rather it is an acknowledgement letting you know that we have received your offer. The Booking will be carried out only after confirming that the Service Element is available. And the contract that is related to the booking is only formed when the payment has been paid in full. And the contract that forms between you and the Travel Supplier will apply only to those Service Elements that have been confirmed by email with the ticket numbers in case of air or reservation numbers.

The price, availability and dates of travel will not be guaranteed until the contract is formed between you and the Travel Supplier and when it is confirmed by them that the ticket has been issued and reservation has been made and confirmed by the supplier. And once the booking has been confirmed, you should know that you can only cancel or make changes to the details like your name or the destination.

Make it a priority to carry your government issued photo ID during security checks at the airports. And along with this a proof of citizenship, i.e., your passport is also required for international travels. You should know that you are solely in charge of meeting the Visa/ other requirements of the countries that you wish to visit and those that you transit. Most countries require that your passport should be valid for a minimum period from the date of arrival into that country. So make sure to consult with the local consulate of the country.

FlyFye and its affiliates are not responsible and you will not be entitled to any refunds if you are denied boarding, delayed or deported due to not meeting the requirements mentioned above.

FlyFye reserves the right to correct any errors in the advertised price/fare and if so, give you an option to either cancel the Booking or allow the site to collect the amount that is equal to any increase in price from the provided credit or debit card prior to your departure.

Once the booking has been carried out you cannot transfer or change the name or destination that is listed in your booking. The booking will be fulfilled on the delivery date set in the ticket information email and if see that no date is specified then on the date the ticket is issued, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Passengers have the right to receive by mail or by delivery service the full contract of carriage from the respective airlines. The included terms of the contract of carriage includes:

Pricing, Taxes/Fees and Payment

The prices included in our site comprises of all taxes and fees applicable to airfare, hotel accommodation, car rentals and activities included in your booking unless stated otherwise in your ticket information email or in the terms and conditions. Other such fees and taxes or service charges like fuel surcharges, security, baggage, and seat reservation may apply which will be charged by the relevant travel supplier at the time of your check-in. You are liable for such additional charges and taxes due to the travel supplier and if you have any questions about these charges, you may consult with your travel supplier.

The prices for the service elements do not include liability insurance, collision damage waiver, personal accident insurance, personal effects protection, drop-off charges, gas, child safety, sky racks etc.

The payment must be made using a valid debit or credit card while booking. FlyFye accepts all major cards with a verifiable billing address.

Therefore, you give FlyFye and its authorized third party the authority to process the charge to the credit or debit card that you provide to us for the total amount of your booking.

Please note that all the offers, prices and conditions on sale may be subject to:

You must keep it in mind that a reservation is not fully complete until it is confirmed or ticketed. To safeguard our customers, we confirm with the credit/debit card company that the billing address and the card verification number provided to us is accurate and that the charge will be accepted. So until such information has been verified the price and fare is subject to change. We are not liable for any declined transactions that is declined by the card issuing company or a travel provider, or reasons regarding to failure of verifying the card’s billing address and verification number in a timely manner, we are not responsible for changes in fare or any other charges during our verification process. If it so happens that the selected fare is not available, an approval code will have been issued on your card. If the transaction cannot be completed the code may temporarily credit the amount from your bank account.

Multiple Airlines Itineraries

If in the case that your travel itinerary is functioned by more than one airline, you must read the terms and conditions of each airlines very carefully which will be found in the airline’s website. Each airline will have certain prohibitions, restrictions, rules, and fees. If one of these airlines is affected by airline changes that may cause the passenger to make changes to the other flight, the passenger may be liable for any fees or ticket cost incurred for making changes to the unaffected flight. Different airlines wil charge their own fees for changes, refunds or if exchange are requested. You are required to make do with each airline’s terms and conditions which may differ. Prior to traveling you must print out your outbound and return e-ticket confirmation for all flights.

Fare Changes and Post Payemnt Price Guarantee

Before you place your payment and before it gets accepted successfully, if there are any changes in the fare or any other changes, you may be notified of such changes and only after this you have the right to either accept or decline the payment.

In regard to our post payment price guarantee, upon successful acceptance and processing of the payment, we guarantee that we will honor the total final quoted price of the airline tickets regardless of any changes or fluctuation in the price of air fare.

Visa and Entry Requirements

Every passenger is required to verify their travel documents or the country the wish to visit and leave from. Information regarding international travels can be found in the embassy of the country you are visiting. FlyFye will not be held responsible if you are denied entry into a country due to lack of travel documents.

Keep in mind that your transaction with FlyFye does not guarantee access or entrance to the country. The travelers understand that the site accepts no responsibility for determining the customer’s eligibility to enter or leave from a country. Any information passed by the site’s employees must be checked with government authorities. But such information does not imply that FlyFye is to be held responsible.

Prohibited Materials

There are federal laws that forbid carrying materials on your carry-on luggage which can prove to be hazardous. Such materials include compressed gas, explosive materials, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poison, corrosive and radioactive materials. Exceptions are made for small quantities up to 70 ounces of medicinal and toiletries to be carried on your carry-on luggage and certain smoking materials. If you want more information you can consult with your airline representatives.

Itinerary Reconfirmation

Passenger using our site to book online or through a customer service agent must be responsible to review and reconfirm the dates, names, flight numbers, airlines and routing including all airport changes. If you notice any error in your itinerary, you must immediately contact FlyFye customer service within 4 hours from the time the booking was done.

We will consider the booking to be acceptable by you if you fail to contact us within 4 hours and therefore we will not be held liable for any discrepancy in your booking. So please make sure to review and save the itinerary.

Documents required at the time of Check-in

In case if a passenger fails to provide the travel documents then Flyfye will not be responsible for any kind of restrictions for the entry of a passenger at the airport. So, before you book any itinerary, it is highly recommended that you should cross check the documents like ID proof and Visa which is required for the country for which you are longing from a last month or a week. For any further information regarding the international voyage and visa, passport, and the other documents you can contact or consult with the embassy of a particular country for which you are flying.

Purchasing the flight tickets from the Flyfye does not give any surety for the entrance in the destination country. Flyfye holds no responsibility to decide what passenger wants as per his criteria to check in through any particular country. If any information, given by the website will be cross verified with the concerned authorities.