Privacy Policy

The travel agency Flyfye is dedicated to the privacy of its customers. Taking such we recommend you to fully understand the terms and conditions which are mentioned in the Privacy Policy of the company. We value and respect your time while reading such policies if you have any suggestions or any issues then you are free to contact us our travel expert team which are available 24*7 hrs.

Cookie Policy

When you land on the travel website Flyfye then there is an entire process. The website uses your information with the help of a cookie or via a third-party agency. In this process, the browsing history of the customer and the device from which it operates acquires the information for the personal records. The information which obtains will surely help in improving the browsing experience for the customer and also enhances the performance of the website. The company also uses few tools which help to locate the geographical location for such flight bookings.

Allowing Access for Personal Information

The travel website Flyfye ensures the personal information shared by its customers should remain safe and secure and will not get any kind of involvement from the end of the third party. The information will be shared with its parent company, additional companies and the project parties which require the details of the customer to make a travel booking successful.

Whatever the information collected by us is saved on SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It ensures that all of your online transactions and communications are safe and secure.

Personal Information

In this section, we will cover what are the further details which we want from the customer once he subscribes to Flyfye travel website. It will collect all the personal information like name, home address, email address, contact number, postal address, credit card, and debit card details so that formalities for the travel booking could complete and chances for the travel booking could increase.

There are many different ways to collect the personal details of a customer which include:

  • Online forms
  • Through Contact Numbers
  • Through the internet which includes social media and the websites
  • Through personal verification
  • Entry forms
  • Sign Up
  • Email

Method to collect personal information

It depends upon us that how we and the third part collect the personal details from a passenger it includes the various ways:

Services: When you book any ticket or register for any promotion we may collect the personal information through such services that offered from us or the third party.

Offline: In case of any query when you contact our customer service by that way we collect the details.

From Indirect sources: There are also other sources through which we can collect details such as social media platforms, public records, and lastly the third parties.

In what way we can use the Personal Information:

There are many things through which we can use your personal information which is given below.

  • At the time of filling the details when you are booking your flight which includes the payment process.
  • Passport information of a passenger for travel booking.
  • To send you any update or the information regarding the services or change in price, or the terms and conditions.
  • To make your experience smooth we ask the feedback for the services which we offered as per the terms and conditions.
  • For our business purposes like data analysis, data interpretation, any frauds, any updates in policy, price, enhancing the services and the quality of the website.
The procedure of Disclosing the Personal Information

Once we receive your personal information we start responding to the other entities to which we transfer or share such detail. These entities are uncontrollable and whatever the information we share with them is directly subject to the policy and practice are applicable.

  • To the corporate affiliate, partners, parent companies under the common control with us and it is worldwide for the purpose which is described in the privacy policy.
  • To the third-party service providers which help in providing the information related to flight, hotel, deals, and products or services that you book for your usage.
  • Third-party sponsors or operators.
  • As we do have a social media account and by accessing your social media account with our services account you are allowing us to share the information which we receive at the time of login. If you do not want any kind of interruption then make sure that you access the service account from your social media separately and not from the website social media services account.

Other Information

The information which indirectly involves or does not disclose the specific identity related to the individual. Other information which involve in this are:

  • Device and the browser information
  • Usage of data if any applicable provided
  • The information which usually collected from the cookies, pixel tags, and other sources.
  • Information based on age, location, interest.
To collect the other information we use different ways

Through Browser or Device: Information is collected either by the browser or generated from the device such as your Media Access Control, Type of computer, operating system, screen resolution, internet browser type and version.

Using Cookies: These are the small pieces of information which are stored directly on the computer which a passenger uses. It uses to collect the information based on the pages visited, language preferences, and time spent on the services.

Pixel tags and other technologies: To obtain the other information, pixel tags which are also known as web beacons track the activity of the other users and their activity.

IP address: An IP address is usually a number that is automatically assigned to the computer that you use by your Internet Service Provider. Whenever a user accesses the services an IP address may be identified automatically in our server log files. This practice is standard and done automatically to fetch the data from any websites. The purpose of using such analytical levels, understanding server problems and resolve them, and to manage the services.

Geographical Track: We also collect the real-location of your device by the following methods by using the satellite, mobile phone tower, or WIFI signals. By tracking the location and the device from which you operates and perform the activity we share that information with our marketing partners.